Ridin Dinesh

Case Study

UX Design for Online Suki Delivery

Role: UX Design

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    MK Restaurant is one of the largest Suki Restaurant in Thailand having over 400 branches throughout the Thailand. For this project, they approached me to help them design the user experience for their new Online Delivery Website. I helped them with both Desktop and Mobile UX Design.

Project Challenge

Bringing the MK Suki experience at your home. As you know people come to MK to enjoy the Suki which consists of an electric pot, with soup and any number of vegetables, meats, and seafood to go along with it. Now to have this all brought to the user's doorstep is going to be a difficult but interesting challenge. The logistics part of the challenge is taken care of by the MK team, my solo role was to give a user-friendly experience to the user on the web to make an order.

Project Goal

Create seamless user experience to place order through Desktop or mobile web.

Tools Used:

  • Adobe XD

    To create wireframe, UI and Visual Design

  • Invision

    To review and share design assets to developers.

Below is some screenshot of the finalized high-fidelity wireframes. Which then was passed on to UI Designer to complete the full visual design.

Multiple revisions/iterations are done for all the designs.